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If you think that your increased energy bills are due to your AC running all the time, you definitely need to think again! High electricity bills are often the result of using OLD and INEFFICIENT air conditioner. Most of the people still hold onto them as they worry about the cost of investing in new efficient one. However, they fail to realize that at the end, they will have to pay even extra in the form of increased energy bills.

The average life of any air conditioner is not more than 10 years. It might increase only if it is properly maintained. It even depends on the quality of it. With the advancement in technology, efficiency of ACs have also greatly improved. In fact, the most efficient and newest AC models of Samsung use 30-50% less electricity than the old ones. Today, split ACs are in, so let us first know why you must switch to them!

Why split AC over other models?

Well, the older AC units are not at all efficient and are even much noisier than the latest models of ACs. Moreover, the older models are around 450 mm down from roof that offers you enough space to fit new unit on above.

This makes having new split system less of a headache. You might just require re-plastering inside wall. You can easily hire a professional for the task. Split systems can easily be installed in different ways on the basis of your home’s layout. Plus, they are very versatile and are even simpler to install on ground.

Important factors to consider when installing split AC

Installing split AC isn’t an easy task. However, if it isn’t done correctly, it will offer you optimum cooling. So, it is essential to consider the following factors while installing split AC.

  • Tilt angle of the indoor unit

When fixing aluminum bracket on the wall, you will want to ensure that it is given a bit of tilt angle. It will allow the indoor unit of it to be at slight angle that will enable continuous flow of condensed water from drain pipe.

  • Proper spacing

Split AC’s indoor unit needs minimum of 15 cm of the open space for appropriate air flow. This space must be surrounding its sides and tops.

  • Proper location of the outdoor unit

For suitable cooling, you can mount outdoor and indoor units of the split AC at a place away from direct water and sunlight. If you want no obstacle to heat dissipated from condenser, install outdoor unit of the split AC in the open space.

  • Strength of the wall

The wall’s strength even plays a crucial role in the overall installation process. Therefore, it is recommended that the indoor unit of AC should be installed on a strong wall so that it can hold the weight of the unit properly.

If you too are really concerned about your increased energy bills, it is high time for you to get a new split AC installed! It will not only allow you to save great in terms of cost, but also enjoy best cooling!

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